Tales from the Lodge - Mood Board

So the screen grabs below are currently in no particular order of preference or theme.

Overall they sum up a few ideas with regards to composition, tone, colour palette and lighting that I think my be interesting in our approach to Tales From The Lodge.

We'll speak more tomorrow but It would be great to have a conversation about the tone and colour of "the lodge" sections of the film and how we can use that as a contrast to "the stories".

Some are taken from films that you listed on your viewing list, a few are from some films that I particularly like that I feel might fit in; not necessarily from a comedy or horror perspective, but just in terms of tone and artistic approach. We'll discuss further tomorrow.

So far though they include...


Wes Anderson - Perhaps a little over stylised for our means but I love his compositions.

Michael Haneke - Particularly his film Amour which I love. The film is largely set in one location and has a very timeless and natural feel.

Frank - Again, I love the colour palette and tone of some of these images. 

Children of Men - Came to mind when thinking of Russell's "The Zombie Apocalypse" story, as well as Paul's car story.

It Follows - So much about this film that I love!

A few from Carrie and American Werewolf with a few others thrown in for measure.

You can click on the main picture to enlarge.

Plenty more to add over the next few days, this was just all I've had time to do so far

Happy browsing and see you tomorrow.


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